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(Argentina) Person who went from playing Polo to creating a startup for agriculture with tokens


The last year, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, champ of the Triple Crown of polo with La Aguada in 2003 (alongside his siblings, Javier, Miguel and Ignacio), rebuilt his ranch style home. He was near completing the administration of the Argentine Polo Association and he intended to settle to live a large portion of the year on the edges of the city. With my life coordinated and resigning, I will invest the vast majority of my energy here, he thought.

As opposed to all that he envisioned, the polo player goes through his days in an office. As of now he conceived and established along with Ariel Scaliter, overseer of the Executive Program in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and savvy agreements of the CEMA University, Agrotoken, a worldwide stage for the tokenization of rural items where he fills in as CEO.

In the organization, they convert genuine items into computerized resources through tokenization and, thusly, make a stablecoin, that is, a stable crypto resource with grain equality. These are Cryptosoja (SOYA) and Cryptomaíz (CORA) which are collaterized in soybeans and corn, separately.

“I generally preferred doing various things, however I never envisioned that I would wind up doing a tech startup. Indeed, even less that it would have been the world’s first product tokenization stage, “he told LA NACION.

Fretful and inquisitive, consistently looking for new difficulties, he had the first change in quite a while life when he became leader of the Argentine Polo Association in 2017. A position he held until May of this season. “It is something that I won’t ever envision. There another world opened up for me, “he said.

He accepted the administration and, after a year, at age 45, a tear in the psoas, one of the muscles of the hip, kept him from letting the double job and underestimated him out of the San Jorge, Tortugas and Hurlingham Opens.


Along these lines he put a last highlight a profession that started in 1996. That brought him triumphs, for example, the Triple Crown of 2003. That year he won the Palermo Open for the main time, a title where he scored 126 objectives in 21 cooperations. Twice he acquired Hurlingham’s (the second, in 2008) and the equivalent for Tortugas (2004), and he arrived at 9 objectives as a debilitation, which he kept up with for quite a long time (2001-2016).

In this manner he left his roaming life. Up to that point he had gone through quite a bit of his time on earth living seven months abroad to contend. He did it effectively. In the United States he arrived at 10 focuses. He won the British Open in 2002 and 2006, the US Open in 2006 and the Spanish Gold Cup in 2006 and 2011, among his fundamental accomplishments.

Currently in Argentina he started to meet new individuals. One of them was his present accomplice, Scaliter. “At the point when he disclosed to me what Blockchain was, I was intrigued. I don’t think there will be any organization in five years that doesn’t have it, “he said. That is the means by which they made the startup.

Novillo Astrada is centered around the business and field side, while his accomplice is the person who contributes and is familiar with innovation. In spite of the fact that he keeps up with his business with polo, he commits himself full an ideal opportunity to the startup. Today around 40 individuals who make up the organization. “Consistently I discover some new information. I’m entranced by it, “he said. The organization has been developing “extremely quick”.

Toward the finish of last October, the organization announced that Adecoagro, GDM and Molinos Agro did the principal seed exchanges and the acknowledgment of eminences with SOYA. In November they made the main exchange trading a vehicle for farming tokens and fourteen days prior, subsequent to consenting to an arrangement with the Matba Rofex Group, they dispatched the Agrotoken value file.

These are the primary benchmark pointers at the cost of item tokens and their plan mirrors the cost for grains in Rosario continuously. “Presently you can see the worth in a flash and online very much like you can do with bitcoins, the blue dollar or MEP. It was an extraordinary accomplishment, after numerous long stretches of work, “he said. The subsequent stage is to land in Brazil one month from now and begin working in February.

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