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Cybersecurity startup Devo became a unicorn


It isn’t the biggest of the year – it is basically difficult to beat the incombustible Glovo and its 450 million euros in financing last April – however it breaks every one of the records in its area. Devotional, the startup in the past known as LogTrust, declares two achievements added to its repertoire. From one viewpoint, it shuts the biggest financing round in its set of experiences: 250 million dollars of predominantly unfamiliar capital. Likewise that they arrive at a valuation of 1,500 million euros.

Is it the new Spanish unicorn? In this we have an issue. Devotional is for sure of Spanish beginning, yet he moved his base camp to the United States with the possibility of ​​amplifying its development. This implies that the online protection, cloud and information examination organization turns out to be essential for the cast of unicorns in Spain basically in soul, albeit not accepted.

Accepting regardless its starting point, Devo joins the group of Flyware, Glovo, Wallbox, Cabify and Letgo. With the advantage of being the just one in the network safety and information business, it joins the gathering of organizations with the best worth in the nation and furthermore the best financed, civility of global capital. On account of Devo, which has effectively collected 400 million in financing since its establishing in 2011 – one of them shut during the 2020 pandemic and because of the accomplishment of the network protection and cloud area – for this new activity it has had the American TCV – financial backer in Netflix, Airbnb, ByteDance or Revolut among numerous others–, and including General Atlantic and Eurazeo. All joining Bessemer Venture Partners, Insight Partners, Georgian and Kibo Venture, present from the principal activities.

All things considered, Devo’s objective is set on two columns. With the new subsidizes they mean to design extension chiefly in the Asia-Pacific region; explicitly in Australia and New Zealand. “Until arriving at China or Japan there are as yet numerous different nations that are more straightforward to approach,” clarifies the originator and current CTO of Devo to Hypertextual and until 2018 CEO of the organization. In spite of the fact that, with everything, they don’t preclude it later on. To do this, regardless, a lot of capital would need to be contributed to address districts that are not especially cordial to western items.


As right on time as 2015, with the launch of their first office in the United States when they needed more capital, Devo arrived at the resolution that they needed to have the assets for it. In 2017, and with the round shut that very year, the capital went completely to open the base camp in Cambridge (United States) – where they keep up with their central command right now – , presently with the normal outcomes. Alongside their North American office, they are additionally situated in Australia and the UK.

Likewise, the organization needs to keep creating item. Devotional was brought into the world at the beginning of an area that was starting to know the cloud as a work instrument. “Around then everybody let me know that no one would send anything to the cloud, yet I was exceptionally certain that the jobs planned to move to the cloud and that the work would be done straightforwardly there”, they clarify, “presently we have a sort of sorcery triangle: network protection, cloud and information investigation “.

Said and done, just about 10 years after the fact, the area has arisen as quite possibly the most important for the everyday of company. Indeed, even without a pandemic, the biological system was at that point highlighting ways. Notwithstanding everything, and without ignoring the cloud and the AI business for which Devo became known, the network protection business will stand out enough to be noticed of the new assets. All things considered, “it is one of a handful of the organizations that has not experienced the emergency,” says Castillo.

AlienVault was at that point the pioneer of network protection in Spain – then, at that point, it was procured by AT&T for around 500 million dollars in 2018–, Devo continued in the wake and started to arise in the biological system. Presently, and with a remarkable expansion in its outcomes in the area, the organization chooses to try harder in employing, examination and innovation for its network protection leg.

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