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Texturjet: the emerging company that wants to implement artificial intelligence for ceramic design


Artificial Intelligence is progressively present in our day to day regardless of whether we do not know it: in Netflix’s calculation proposals, Spotify’s custom arrangements or when you request that Google Home lift the visually impaired. However, not only is AI aided by large innovation organizations, it has come to change numerous companies, including the mosaic.

This is highlighted in NextIA, a start-up of Castellón and 100% capital of the territory that was brought to the world in mid-2021 to apply AI responses for companies. One of his most creative endeavors is Texturjet, an Artificial Intelligence calculation, exceptional on the planet, equipped to produce legitimate high and very high goal surfaces (up to 360 dpi) for any modern cycle completed by InkJet printers, for example those used . in ceramic ornament.

In the expressions of his CTO Xavi García, “our man-made intellectual capacity is equipped to take advantage of photographs of nature to know the surfaces of materials, for example, calacata marble, and have the option to create new images of that material, even though it is absolutely new, restrictive time, currently unlimited, naturally ”, he clarifies.


In any case, from Texturjet they need to clarify that it is anything but a device that substitutes developed by architects but that “it is a partner for them, an innovation that is at their disposal”.

Similarly, the application of this AI would allow organizations to reduce the opportunity to advertise and have select plans, since any image that is created is unique in relation to the previous one and therefore emerges from “the photographs that are They show in the framework “, which will be, that each organization can support Texturjet with its own material background so that, regardless of being a similar innovation, it produces several results.

Xavi García insists that the tile business has shown great interest in Texturjet and that they intend to make their authority known in the next version of Cevisama. From NextIA, they consider some commercial ways to popularize Texturjet, as they will not only sell the surface images, but also offer the preparation to the organizations so that they can apply this AI themselves. Although they guarantee that they do not intend to sell their innovation only to any organization, since it can very well be applied to any area, from materials to the interior plan or to any visual architect on the planet that requires photographs. of top quality materials.

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