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Healthcare Startup Saana will open 28 physical points by 2022


The objective is to extend the foundation in primary urban areas and complete the 100,000 patients connected in its devotion plan.

With its ‘prepaid’ model, Saana looks to smooth out clinical consideration, research facility administrations, telemedicine and drug stores “with the most minimal cost on the lookout.” Leonardo Villamizar, CEO of the organization featured that they have effectively treated in excess of 64,000 patients.

What is Saana?

It is a wellbeing environment that is coordinated in an application or through the web and what it looks for is that patients can demand an arrangement rapidly and without really wasting any time with an overall expert, a trained professional, that they can make demands for a clinical research center and solicitation to the drug store.

What amount can a patient save with the application?

In saving time it is a ton, we have discussions with experts for that very day or for the following day, while in the overall clinical cycle we can talk about as long as two months. As far as expenses, the dependability plan is valued at $ 200,000 every year and has 18 actual interviews that you can access, in addition to limitless telemedicine.

What number of specialists do they utilize?

We have 17 specialists who work straightforwardly. As a rule, there are 197 representatives between labs, processes, drug stores.

What is the extension plan in actual focuses?

We as of now have four clinical focuses, a handling research center and six drug store focuses. We desire to make 28 extra focuses one year from now.

We need to additionally extend the Bogotá network with three new focuses, open a help point in Soacha, reinforce Medellín with two different focuses and arrive at Cartagena, Montería, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga and Cali.


What are the most well known strengths?

We have 10 fortes, the ones that move the most are gynecology, dermatology and general medication. Telemedicine likewise enjoys individuals, yet from that point we urge going to the actual office.

It is safe to say that you will carry out new fortes?

We are reinforcing the consideration model of how we help experts in general with us, that they can foster their own necessities, preparing and that it is monetarily acceptable. For 2022 we will progress, for instance, with the home specialist and afterward we will assess new strengths.

What is the objective in clients?

We go with the quantity of clients that are in our devotion plan, we desire to contact 100,000 individuals who are in the environment by the following year.

Do you have projected momentary ventures?

We gauge that by 2022 and 2023 we ought to contribute between US $ 3 and US $ 4 million just in innovation and improvement.

The objective of the application is to be integral

Villamizar explained that Saana’s goal isn’t to supplant the customary wellbeing framework, since it is accountable for treating different pathologies, for example, persistent ones or crises that require hospitalization. Be that as it may, it looks to be a correlative assistance in which patients can be really focused on by an overall professional or experts with less pausing and at an agreeable cost for the client.

“The organization we work with is our own, the centers, the research facilities, the drug stores, and the biological system works in light of the fact that our base is innovation,” he closed.


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