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Startups that invest in companies of the same nature


As indicated by the most recent report on Investment Trends in Spain, ready by the Bankinter Foundation, in the second from last quarter of the year the Venture Capital finances recorded perhaps their best quarter, particularly as far as speculation volume, arriving at 44,446 million euros.

Otherwise called hazard capital, this sort of speculation is portrayed by giving cash-flow to little organizations, fundamentally new companies.

This is the thing that Big Sur Ventures has been doing since its commencement in 2012. “Spain could assume a significant part in Europe as far as high-development creative undertakings, however for this it required a ton of grain of sand to be placed in, and that Big Sur could add to this cycle “, says José Miguel Herrero, prime supporter and overseeing accomplice of the startup.

His attention is on mechanical items and administrations that try to tackle “an incredible issue, in a totally new way, in an appropriate setting,” clarifies the fellow benefactor, and spots exceptional accentuation on the requirement for this issue to be of extraordinary greatness and the groundbreaking method of addressing it. “We can just put resources into projects that focus on an enormous likely market, if not the numbers don’t come out,” he adds.

Similarly, setting likewise matters and one of the keys is the condition of rivalry and the ‘circumstance’ of the market. “Being too soon is similarly just about as terrible as being late. Having an answer for an issue that the customer doesn’t realize they have is typically deadly, regardless of how genuine the issue is: evangelizing a market doesn’t as a rule end well, “says Herrero.

In particular, they center around the stages called pre-seeds and some seed adjusts with a venture methodology of up to three rounds for each task, the greatness of the first being between 100,000 euros and 1,000,000 euros.


An illustration of new businesses in which this element contributes is Jotelulu, which shut its initially round of financing with Big Sur Ventures (and Bankinter) for 1,000,000 euros. This startup could be known as the cloud commercial center by making a stage where suppliers of this innovation can offer their types of assistance with their own name and brand.

One might say that the pandemic has “benefited” these sorts of organizations because of its resulting speed increase of computerized processes, so the wellbeing emergency “has sped up the interaction or has been essentially impartial after the underlying shock,” clarifies the fellow benefactor.

What makes interest in Spain troublesome are the assessment boundaries that financial backers in this kind of undertaking, otherwise called Business Angels, need to confront.

In such manner, Herrero places uncommon accentuation on genuine venture impetuses for these Business Angels, particularly in pre-seed adjusts. “The motivations in Spain are light years from what is done in the United Kingdom, France and Portugal without going any further,” he calls attention to.

Moreover, supporting the fascination of ability is one more of the challenges experienced by new companies, and Herrero is calling for charge enhancements concerning investment opportunities.

For the business visionary there is likewise a “appalling tax collection” for assets and groups domiciled in Spain “except for the Basque Country, where a few supervisors are as of now moving.” Herrero clarifies that in our current circumstance the capital increases produced by the asset for the director will more often than not be burdened with pay from investment funds “it requires 10 years to deal with the pattern of an asset.” In Spain, aside from the Basque Country, it is burdened as acquired pay. “In the event that assets and groups are moved out of the nation, or basically settled abroad from the start, Spanish new companies will have less admittance to the speculation they need.”

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