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Sunrgyze: the leading Spanish startup in the creation of renewable hydrogen from solar energy and water


The most recent environment culmination, COP26, has by and by featured the need to act conclusively to “keep the 1.5 degree objective alive,” as expressed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres. . As per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), accomplishing this objective expects beginning to decrease worldwide ozone harming substance (GHG) discharges and accomplishing net zero by 2050.

So distant from COP26, some encouraging achievements have been reached, for example, the consent to lessen methane outflows by 30% contrasted with 2020, the obligation to stop deforestation by 2030 or the objective of disposing of the utilization and creation of coal. somewhere in the range of 2030 and 2040. One more achievement could come next November 11, when a culmination on the change to hydrogen is held at COP26.

Furthermore, it is that hydrogen is equipped for creating power by delivering just water fume and hot air, not CO2; Hence, it is viewed as an energy vector with extraordinary potential to decarbonize the business – which at present focuses its utilization and those areas, like significant distance transport, merchandise or avionics, for which zap is definitely not an elective short and medium term. The issue is that the most far reaching strategy to deliver it is from petroleum gas and steam, a cycle that discharges CO2.

Notwithstanding, there are equations to deliver hydrogen in a manageable manner: utilizing inexhaustible unrefined components, for example, biomethane, in the customary cycle, or through electrolysis from water, that is, isolating the water particle into hydrogen and oxygen with power from sustainable sources. There is a fresher other option, photoelectrocatalysis, which permits just water and sun powered energy to be utilized to deliver sustainable hydrogen.

“Photoelectrocatalysis enjoys two incredible upper hands over different method for sustainable hydrogen creation – clarifies Enrique Gómez de Priego, CEO of Sunrgyze, a privately owned business financed by Repsol and Enagás that has fostered this spearheading innovation : the first is that the division of the particle is made in a solitary advance, straightforwardly changing sunlight based energy into synthetic energy to isolate hydrogen and oxygen, multiplying the productivity and lessening costs; the subsequent benefit is that it is effectively versatile “.

This innovation started to be created in 2012 at Repsol Technology Lab by a 100% Spanish group. Enagás joins the undertaking in 2018, with an understanding that makes the two organizations co-proprietors: the two have so far put 8 million euros in the venture, which has effectively acquired 40 of the 65 worldwide licenses it has applied for and which today proceeds with its advancement in the startup Sunrgyze.


“It isn’t normal for enormous enterprises like Repsol and Enagás to make a sort of spin-off and dispatch a startup dependent on an innovation that they have started to create,” adds Gómez de Priego; “It is unmistakably a pledge to creating advances that permit these two organizations to progress in decarbonization just as the remainder of the area and, at last, the whole economy.”

Interest in hydrogen is plainly reflected in Europe, as confirmed by the presence of almost 20 hydrogen valley projects (in addition to one more two in the UK), which once mature could go about as transitional strides towards a hydrogen economy at scale mainland. In such manner, drives like the Basque Hydrogen Corridor (BH2C) stick out, a consortium comprised of 80 organizations, establishments and examination focuses, and drove by Petronor and Repsol, which tries to advance the hydrogen economy in essential areas, like versatility , industry and administrations. Likewise in 2021, the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia was set up, advanced by Repsol and Enagás and composed by the Rovira I Virgili University (URV), to which more than 100 organizations have joined.

Likewise, the European Union (EU) supported its Hydrogen Strategy in 2020, which means to create as much as 10 million tons of sustainable hydrogen in 2030. To this end, it intends to distribute in excess of 470,000 million euros to the age of hydrogen and to arrive at 80 gigawatts (GW) of green hydrogen creation limit in ten years. Spain additionally has its own Hydrogen Roadmap, endorsed in October last year; Again with an eye to 2030, the Government expects to accomplish an introduced limit of 4 GW and advance sustainable hydrogen in industry and transport in projects that would assemble near 8.9 billion euros.

The figures clarify that the ideal opportunity for hydrogen has come, and that improvements dependent on this energy vector will be an essential piece in accomplishing an environment unbiased future. “None of these advancements, alone, will get the job done to accomplish environment objectives: achievement will rely upon the amount of many, “clarifies Gómez de Priego.

On account of Sunrgyze, the venture has arrived at the degree of development important to embrace the development of an exhibition plant, a limited scale establishment that will permit, notwithstanding, to create inexhaustible hydrogen economically. The organization is relied upon to dispatch the innovation in 2028, with full-scale creation beginning in 2030. “Preferably, in five years’ time, when somebody is thinking about sustainable hydrogen creation, they ponder the innovation. from Sunrgyze as a practical answer for your undertakings, “clarifies its CEO.

Sustainable hydrogen likewise has different advantages that could speed up more extensive reception. To its ecological advantage, advancements, for example, photoelectrocatalysis add an exceptional chance for reindustrialization in Mediterranean nations, like Spain, with huge stores of sun. A genuine model that the economy and the climate frequently go inseparably.

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