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Tech Startups and tradicional companies during the Covid-19 pandemic


Many were brought into the world under the monetary emergency but then they have figured out how to develop, not without a ton of work, in a business climate that has commonly put them numerous deterrents. They are new businesses or miniature organizations run by business visionaries.

For the most part of an innovative sort, they have insight in teleworking. A few, as Blarlo, have worked like this since their introduction to the world: “We were brought into the world with the way of thinking of teleworking, which implies that since our dispatch in 2017 we have as of now began with a gathering of 200 interpreters from Europe and Asia. We at present have in excess of 4,000 expert interpreters on our foundation doing telecommuting from 100 unique nations “.

Who clarifies it is Carmelo Gayubo, CEO of this startup that offers interpretations to in excess of 350 dialects ​​and that for this it depends on cutting edge innovations like computerized reasoning. Is it conceivable to coordinate? Indeed, with great control and normalization of cycles and correspondence.

“We have a stage where every one of our interpreters work associated, which permits us to control continuously the advancement of the work, in case there are deviations concerning conveyance times, quality, efficiency of every individual from the group …”, says the finance manager.

The Covid emergency has affirmed something that we definitely knew: many enormous organizations were not ready to work from home, while new businesses are not seeing their every day movement impacted similarly. It is legitimate, likewise, given the quantity of representatives of one and the other. Be that as it may, this is particularly the case on the grounds that for new businesses remote work is more often than not their day by day bread.

Fundeen is a ‘FinTech’ stage destined to “democratize interest in environmentally friendly power projects” whose base camp are in Ávila on the grounds that they needed to “add to actuating the economy around here of exhausted Spain,” says its CEO and prime supporter, Nacho Bautista.


They are the first crowdfunding stage approved by the CNMV that associates individuals who need to put their reserve funds in sustainable power with advertisers who need financing to begin their undertakings.

As he would see it, for a work routine to be fruitful in the midst of isolation, it is fundamental for “trust the group, put away a couple of moments daily to video visit with them and pay attention to their necessities, exploit computerized devices and show restraint – with the IT group – and, most importantly, not to lose center “.

What’s more, the truth of the matter is that every one of the tips will more often than not highlight exactly the same thing in this telecommuting: set up an agreeable and lovely space to tackle your undertakings, in the event that it very well may be somewhat better, and attempt to utilize the numerous advanced assets accessible that help you during the day daily: Slack, Trello, Slack, Drive, Hangouts and Google Calendar, support in ‘the cloud’, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint … there are numerous potential outcomes relying upon what you want.

Attempting to be focused with the timetables is likewise vital, in spite of the fact that it is the most troublesome. That is obvious to Óscar Mesa, CEO of QualitecFarma, a Spanish association with over 20 years of involvement with administrations for the drug and biosanitary industry, whose action is centered around fields like clinical exploration, administrative help, pharmacovigilance and key turn of events .

They have carried out a telecommuting strategy in the organization for quite a while, showing that it very well may be done regardless of whether you are an organization brought into the world in the ‘period of the conventional’ and have a more prominent number of representatives. “Today the framework is significantly more progressed, experts are more used to doing it and it turns out great,” he underscores.

In any case, it is obvious to everybody that not a wide range of work should be possible from a distance and not everything organizations can do it either, both by planning and by need of different means.

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