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Bugatti works with Rimac for the first Electric Bugatti


It’s been a year since the main headlines highlighted a significant deal between Rimac, the producer of electric supercars, and the Volkswagen Group, to get a critical part of a company as notorious as Bugatti. That ended with encouraging news for the Croatian design firm, as it included the acquisition of 55% of the Bugatti brand. The other 45% is claimed by Porsche AG, making this achievement a defining moment in motorsport history.

This arrangement accompanied the reason for initiating its initial steps on November 1, 2021, and it has been. With the exchange of forces to the Rimac Group, Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Bugatti until just a couple of days before, has transferred the staff of honor to Mate Rimac himself, who will lead the controls of this commercial relationship where Porsche AG will assume the part of the accomplice of the primary key.

Other notable names in the automotive arena include Oliver Blume and Lutz Meschke, who will serve on the Supervisory Board, both from Porsche executives. Christophe Piochon will occupy the position of COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Bugatti Rimac, Larissa Fleischer will be the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Emilio Scervo, who recently held firm in the position of Director of Engineering of McLaren, will interpret the work of CTO (General Director of Technology). As should be obvious, the new mandate of the combination of the two organizations will be defended under the rules of persuasive characters within the automotive world and, more explicitly, in the area of ​​supercars.


While this partnership was powerful at the time months earlier, it was unclear what the initial steps might be that your new full commander would take with regard to this new meeting. Since the new mandate they have affirmed that although the partnership is now strong, the two brands will continue to work separately and autonomously, despite the fact that they will share a wide range of advances in innovation and design. Bugatti and Rimac will follow the rhythm of their base camp, located in Molsheim (France) and in Zagreb (Croatia), individually. They will also do the same with their retail locations and item appropriation, where Bugatti will bring a lot in terms of experience and operability to Rimac.

That is why this new coalition will consider the positions that both Bugatti and Rimac now hold, saving the 135 direct positions that now work in the Bugatti offices in Molsheim, which together with the 300 that Rimac has will add 435 representatives today. Subsequently, in 2023, with the introduction of its new state-of-the-art offices, Bugatti Rimac will have the capacity to have more than 2,500 specialists in the new approach, which will be the new mechanical advance bases for the super advanced development in the new brand. Resources amounting to 200 million euros have been allocated to these new offices and it will have a surface area of ​​2,500 square meters.

Furthermore, in its authority program last July, the board stated that an aggregate of four new models grew in total by the new business group. Bugatti consequently enters the universe of full load, connected to the hip with one of the most important brands in the world, such as Porsche, and a rookie that has proven its value and potential in the area of ​​electric supercars, such as Rimac. It may not be long until we see an early phase in Bugatti’s move toward Croatian-backed cargo.

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