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Social Media Startup PlantLife Launches Platform for Plant Experts, Stores, and Enthusiasts


In today’s hypersocial landscape, there is a social media platform for every type of person, entrepreneur, and business. Startup PlantLife recently launched a new social media app for plant enthusiasts, experts, and business owners.

Cultivating a community of plant lovers

The social media company was co-founded by entrepreneurs Leslie Mullins, Taylor Vignali, and Lana Pappas.

Before building the plant-centric social media platform, Mullins spent years working on brand marketing and user experience design for Apple and Nike. Vignali also spent several years working with Apple and Nike as a creative and user experience designer. Pappas joined the team after successfully founding The Gardenista, a San Francisco-based architectural landscape design business.

“Our goal is to highlight the people who live their best plant life and allow others to do the same,” Mullins said.

With their combined experience, the founders built a new app for all things plant. Users are encouraged to share their questions on how to identify and care for plants. Within the app, users can even book business appointments with plant experts and join workshops for more detailed care advice. The startup has partnered with the Superpeer live video streaming business to connect users with experts from around the world.

Additionally, application users can create social media profiles for their plants to demonstrate their growth and development. Users can also form clubs with other users on the social media app and access a database of helpful tips for caring for their plants.


Outside of a social media space, the PlantLife app also provides opportunities for business owners and plant-based brands to reach new customers. Within the social media platform, the startup has pop-up stores and collaborations with local plant-based businesses. PlantLife has already partnered with Detroit Hives, a nonprofit beekeeping organization, and the landscaping and design company Green Earth Gardeners.

The startup is also working with Talia Hollens, who is responsible for founding the e-commerce plant store and the Black Women Who Love Plants Facebook group. Black Women Who Love Plants is a community for women of color created to discuss their shared interest in plants.

“I want the world to know about my brand, like my story,” Hollens said. “Like a plant, I started from the ground. I have endured and succeeded because I have never lost that connection with what we are founded on. Our community. With PlantLife we ​​have found an optimal resource to reach out, to plant new roots so that we can only grow further, faster. ”

Establish a retention in the social media industry

PlantLife is adding another platform for like-minded individuals and businesses to congregate and collaborate online. Market research expects the global social media market to reach over $ 939 billion by 2026. The industry is expected to post a massive 25.38% CAGR over the forecast period.

While PlantLife has built its app around a shared interest in plants, it is not the only social media platform where plant enthusiasts have established themselves. On Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok, hundreds of thousands of users subscribe to “plantfluencer” channels like Darryl Cheng’s @houseplantjournal and Eliza Blank’s @thesill.

With a job application now available, PlantLife is looking to raise new funds for its social media company. Additionally, the social media startup plans to bring startups and individual users to its platform.

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