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Mental Health Challenges Affecting Most American Workers at All Levels, New Study Finds


Mind Share Partners, a California-based nonprofit business organization, has released a new study titled “Mental Health at Work Report 2021.” The study looked at mental health, stigma, and work culture in business organizations across the United States.

Businesses should see mental health as a collective priority
The study was conducted in a trade partnership with Qualtrics and ServiceNow as a follow-up to the previous study: “Mental Health at Work 2019 Report.”

The study explores how mental health problems are affecting the majority of American employees of all ages for substantial periods of time. The findings show that 76% of full-time American workers said they have struggled with at least one mental health condition in the past year, which is 29% more than what was reported in 2019.

Additionally, up to 80% of the survey participants said their symptoms lasted at least a month or more. Additionally, 36% of the participants said they have experienced symptoms for five months to a year.

“Before the pandemic, American employers had just begun to recognize the prevalence and impact of mental health challenges at work, the need to address stigma, as well as the emerging link to diversity, equity and inclusion. (DEI), “said Kelly Greenwood, founder and CEO of Mind Share Partners.

“The stakes have risen. Companies must move from viewing mental health as an individual responsibility to a collective priority. The future of mental health in the workplace requires a cultural shift. Everyone within an organization plays a role. unique role in creating a mentally healthy workplace, with leadership paving the way. We cannot afford to go back to ‘business as usual’, “added Greenwood.


The report points out the clear impact that unsupported mental health conditions have on employees, often resulting in dismissal from their jobs. The findings also show that around half of the participants had quit their previous jobs, at least in part due to mental health issues, compared to 34% reported in 2019. This figure is significantly higher for respondents Generation Z and Millennials, standing at 81% and 68%, respectively.

Among other findings, up to 84% of those surveyed said that at least one factor in their commercial workplaces affected their mental health. “Emotionally exhausting work” was the most frequently reported reason (37%).

Additionally, the report showed that employees who have been supported by their colleagues report improvements in mental health. Almost two-thirds (65%) of the participants said they have discussed their mental health issues with their colleagues, up from 40% in 2019.

Elsewhere, 41% of respondents reported that they felt comfortable discussing their mental health conditions with their coworkers, up from 28% in 2019. Similarly, 40% said they discussed those issues with employees. managers, compared to 29% in 2019, while 37% were comfortable talking to HR, up from 25% in 2019.

Only 49% of the participants said that their experience of discussing mental health problems had a positive impact, almost the same percentage as in 2019 (48%).

Mind Share Partners, a nonprofit business organization striving to transform the culture of mental health in the workplace, published the findings of the new study “Mind Share Partners 2021 Workplace Mental Health Report.” The study showed that 76% of full-time American workers reportedly said they have struggled with at least one mental health condition in the past year.

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