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Investors support startup Vildevioler to develop an e-commerce marketplace for locally grown organic flowers


Along with the evolution of the e-commerce industry, there is an effort to use the convenience of online shopping to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. Startup Vildevioler is trying to raise investor support to help its business build an e-commerce platform for locally grown organic flowers.

Invest in local florists
The startup business is currently securing investor funding through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Vildevioler aims to raise just under $ 7,900 from interested investors over the course of the campaign. So far, the organic flower company has managed to secure just over $ 4,000 for its business from nearly 50 investors. The campaign also received the Kickstarter “Project We Love” badge. Vildevioler still has a few weeks left to acquire the rest of the financing necessary to fulfill his objective.

“We grow organic flowers during the Danish summer season and provide flowers for the entire Copenhagen metropolitan area,” said Marie Holmer, co-founder of the startup. “We experience that more and more people are interested in buying local flowers, locally grown flowers. Therefore we have developed a new online market where we can buy and sell organic flowers throughout Denmark.”

The funding generated for Vildevioler during the campaign will help the company build its new e-commerce platform. Additionally, the new funds will also help the startup recruit producers and buyers for its new e-commerce marketplace. The first investors in the startup business have the opportunity to receive organic flowers and seeds from Vildevioler.


Holmer founded Vildevioler in 2015 together with entrepreneurs Christina Foss and Brigitta Stampe. The organic flower farm has been growing flowers and serving the greater Copenhagen area since 2016. In order to help consumers find locally available organic flowers, the team created an online marketplace called Blomsterbørsen, which means “the exchange of flowers “.

The e-commerce platform provides consumers with an easy way to purchase local flowers near their location and schedule them for pickup or delivery. Vildevioler also designed the platform to help a network of small flower shops and farms reach a larger customer base.

Some types of flowers are only ready to harvest at specific times during the growing season, so the startup wanted to find a way to ensure that growers have a platform where they can find buyers just when the harvest is ready. In addition, the business aims to limit the ecological impact of the cut flower industry by encouraging consumers to buy locally and reducing emissions from long-distance logistics.

Planting seeds in a growing flower industry
Market research expects the global cut flower market to reach over $ 49 billion by 2028. The industry is projected to post a CAGR of 4.04% during the forecast period. In 2019, the market was worth an estimated $ 34.3 billion.

The startup is building on the momentum to support local businesses with its new e-commerce platform. While Vildevioler currently plans to serve consumers in Denmark, the platform has the potential to scale to markets in other countries. The startup will likely face competition from other online flower distributors like Euroflorist.

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