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CZUR recauda $87,000 para lens Pro Document and File Scanner


CZUR is a technology and home appliance startup that has developed the LENS Pro, a portable document and file scanner that connects directly to the computer. The company recently started a crowdfunding campaign to support production and other steps in the business schedule.

The CZUR LENS Pro and Business Timeline

Tech and gadget startup CZUR has previously developed several different document and file scanners prior to LENS. Four of the company’s previous scanners have had crowdfunding campaigns to support them. All of these crowdfunding campaigns were successful, with the tech startup raising a combined $ 6.65 million. The company has also seen commercial success in the sales of these scanners, with more than 270,000 devices sold.

The CZUR LENS Pro is different from the other scanners designed by the company due to its price. While other CZUR scanners cost several hundred dollars, the LENS Pro costs $ 79, making it a cheaper option.

The scanner is designed with a 12 megapixel lens to ensure high quality images on all documents or files. The product is also equipped to scan images, stamps, passports, receipts, sketches, and ID cards. All scanned articles can be converted into editable files with the product recognizing 180 different languages.

Along with the traditional scanning functions, the LENS Pro can also be folded up and serve as an HD camera for business meetings or video calls. The product can also be used as a lamp due to the LED light attached to the top.


After first initiating designs for the LENS Pro in 2019, the tech startup now has a working prototype and successfully ran a trial production of the first batch in mid-2020. The company is currently working on the expansion to production. en masse to manage global distribution as the device racks up pre-orders and begins selling online to the general public.


CZUR crowdfunding campaign and next business steps


In its crowdfunding campaign, CZUR’s LENS Pro has raised $ 86,777. The campaign has been endorsed by 737 individual supporters on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. CZUR plans to use the crowdfunding-funded support to gain initial customers, support ongoing manufacturing, and generate international business revenue.

Following the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the tech startup will begin distribution to those who pre-ordered the scanner – the company projects that all pre-orders will be fulfilled in December this year. Future LENS Pro orders will start shipping after that.

In the introductory statement made by the tech startup when discussing the product, CZUR wrote: “4 successful campaigns, 6.65 million dollars raised, more than 55,000 backers and 270,000 users worldwide, we are grateful for all our fans, this has been an incredible journey. We’ve been reaching out to what you want, and this time, we’re bringing you the lightest, most portable and affordable scanner we’ve ever made, the CZUR Lens Pro. CZUR Lens Pro is the ultimate document and file scanner, with a weighing just 0.427 kg or 0.94 lb, this is one of the lightest document scanners you can find on the market. “

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