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Four deeptech startups will accelerate growth with Microsoft


The Microsoft Startup program helps innovative technology-driven startups move to the next stage by offering a personalized set of offerings and technical resources. Four startups with the ambition to drive digitization in fields such as Edtech and precious metals have arrived on the program.


Smarter learning: solution


Smartest Accelerating Digital Learning System combines computer vision with natural language processing to automatically convert study materials into interactive exercises. The EdTech solution enables users (students and teachers) to create personalized and playful quizzes from their own study materials in just a few clicks, and effortlessly track their progress. With Smartest, creating engaging study material is reduced from hours of often tedious manual preparation of materials to just minutes, simplifying the lives of students and teachers. With a focus on the B2B dialer, the startup offers its solution to schools in German, English, French and Spanish speaking countries.


As part of Microsoft’s program, Smartest Learning receives an Azure Cloud grant of $ 120,000 to train its NLP and vision models

artificial: Through the Swiss Mentoring program, the startup will be able to connect with key Microsoft stakeholders to receive technical expertise and access to customer and partner networks. Smartest will also benefit from Microsoft’s cooperative selling program.

Iprova: platform for data-driven inventions Swiss AI is a pioneer in data-driven inventions, providing machine learning and NLP (Neutral Language Processing) technologies that augment and enhance the human capacity to invent.
Its clients include Sony, Philips, Nokia, Panasonic, representing some of the world’s best-known technology companies in North America, Europe, and Japan. The stationery and shaving company BIC has recently launched a dedicated invention lab based on Iprova technology. The Microsoft for Startups program will help drive Iprova’s growth by providing access to technical resources and mentoring and support in areas such as business development. The offer includes the possibility for Iprova to host the Iprova Invention platform on Azure and access to the Microsoft sales channel.

Axedras: Connecting and Digitizing the Precious Metals Industry Through a blockchain-based B2B industry platform, aXedras provides harmonized data standards for product integrity and process workflows for a global industry and all of its stakeholders to along the value chain.
The digital twins of physical products act as data carriers of their origin, the chain of custody and are the technical basis of these digitized B2B processes. The aXedras solution also has a social and environmental aspect. The general public is informed about the origins of precious metals, beginning with documentation of sourcing methods, transportation routes, and production processes.
AXedras has recently joined the Microsoft for
Startups. You will benefit from Microsoft’s holistic software offering, supported by Microsoft employees. The startup will also have access to Microsoft’s Swiss data centers, which is essential for aXedras international and local clients.

Alkelio: accelerating digital transformation With offices in Geneva, Singapore and Boston, Alkelio enables startups to find qualified leads and corporations to accelerate their digitization and innovation journey by making new technologies accessible and easy to implement and use.
Its core product is on an automated matchmaking platform that meets business needs with proven startup technologies. To fuel its growth, the company has received USD 25,000 of Azure Cloud credits, as well as technical and business support.

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