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Les Roches laboratory bets on a startup specialized in digital art


The great laboratory of ideas created to show and test new technology, develop projects and promote the growth of the hospitality sector, Spark Innovation Sphere by Les Roches, integrates this year a new collaborating partner, Identy.Art.

The startup is committed to protected and access-controlled digital art in order to maintain the value of assets and offer digital artists a way to sell their works safely. Identy.Art joins the network of partners in the field of hotel management and innovation in Les Roches, contributing its most recent technological developments which will be tested, investigated and evaluated by students in an educational and interactive context.

Identy.Art has been presented on the Les Roches Marbella campus, in an event attended by some of the artists participating in this project with the aim of showing the world this new artistic trend. Crypto art, also known as non-fungible digital assets (NFT), will break with the “status quo” of the art world, offering infinite forms of disclosure in unconventional spaces.

One of these artists, Javier Arrés, from Granada, is the first crypto artist to use Identy.Art: “As an artist, I choose to use a color palette in my works that represents me and sends the message I want to convey. Thanks to IdentyArt, artists have a way of exhibiting our works as we have created them, knowing that both collectors and viewers will see them as it should be. It is the only way to preserve the strength of the digital work. ”

Students take the lead
After six months of Spark’s life, the general director of Les Roches Marbella, Carlos Díez de la Lastra, assures that “it is the students who take the leading role, having the opportunity to create their own company at the same time as they can complete their studies and work on innovative projects with partner brands ”.

This innovation space that encourages the pre-incubation and incubation of startups that create disruption in the hospitality industry, also has the objective of providing access to the knowledge of experts, advisors and investments so that new talents can take their ideas to the market in a sustainable and profitable.


Its objective, says Susana Garrido (MBA), Director of Digitalization & General Education Programs and Marketing Professor at Les Roches Marbella, is to “create profitable and sustainable companies around four values: slow and organic growth, added social value, sustainability, and last and foremost, the element of empathy and humanity ”.

Merger of vertical technology and the hospitality sector
By focusing on the technologies of tomorrow, better known as vertical technologies, and discovering new ways to serve customers, SPARK brings other ways of thinking and seeing the future of hospitality through exploration in collaboration with partners in this industry.

Identy.Art, experts in analog image and digitization processes, has launched a technology to ensure the creation, distribution and ownership of digital art, emphasizing preserving the identity of the artist and the authenticity of the work, and respecting the colors originals. Its technology is based on Blockchain so that artists can register their works of art under the NFT digital asset and, in this way, maintain absolute control over their work.

In the same way that creators place a value on their work and can sell it, the collectors who buy them obtain ownership of the NFT. The NFT is a unique and incorruptible digital asset that identifies the person who buys it as the owner of the work, thus making the original work possible in digital art in a safe and committed way with the planet.

From energy efficiency
Pioneers in environmental responsibility, from Identy.Art they are aware of the ecological cost of each transaction on Blockchain. For this reason, they develop a technology to work from energy efficiency, returning twice the energy consumed in each transaction in renewables. In this way, they ensure that each operation takes place on a server network that runs on 100% clean energy.

“Our mission is to protect the value of artistic assets and promote new forms of artistic expression and dissemination,” says Cruz Guijarro Herrero, CEO of Identy.Art, who appreciates his incorporation as a collaborating partner: “It is exciting for us to be able to work with Les Roches Marbella creating exhibition spaces in the hospitality sector through digital assets that guarantee security, authenticity and quality, thus betting on a protected and controlled access digital art that maintains value Of art”.

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