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Next Trend: the channel that connects users with Wayra startups


Technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, solving problems and helping us to perform our tasks more easily. We use technological solutions and innovative applications at home, to take care of our health, for training, for sports, for entertainment and countless other areas. However, technology advances so fast that it is very difficult to keep up to date and sometimes we have neither the time nor the knowledge to find the quality and innovative solution we need. This is where Wayra Next Trend comes to the rescue, to allow you to effortlessly discover innovative applications that can accompany you in your daily life and help you simplify your life.

In Wayra Next Trend you will find information about applications in different categories, such as social networks, games, sports, languages, finance, entertainment and children’s education. This window to innovation makes it easy for you by telling you what the application can do for you and letting you know the aspects you are most concerned about at a glance, such as privacy or price, to avoid surprises. In addition, some applications offer the Next Trend community discounts to encourage you to try their service.

Time flies fast for the digital revolution: Telefónica’s Wayra is now 10 years old. What began in 2011 at the initiative of current CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete as a pioneering startup accelerator is now Telefónica’s most global open innovation hub.

To date, Wayra has invested close to 50 million euros in more than 800 startups, of which 250 have worked or are working with Telefónica. This innovation and entrepreneurship network, with seven hubs operating in ten countries in Europe and Latin America, has led to the creation of more than 10,000 highly skilled jobs and revenues of more than 280 million euros for startups. Thanks to the performance of the projects and the successful sale of 75 of them, Telefónica’s investment volume through Wayra has experienced a 70 percent revaluation.

The best technology partner

The financial muscle and corporate power offered by Telefónica are an unbeatable fuel for the development and growth of the startups that are part of Wayra’s global community. Wayra has also grown with them. The average investment has gone from 40,000 euros per project to a maximum of 250,000 euros. Mixed formulas of collaboration with other investors and venture capital funds have emerged, which have contributed more than 600 million euros to the startups in its portfolio. And the experience acquired has allowed Wayra to advise other companies in creating their own technological entrepreneurship programs. A good example is TrenLab, Renfe’s startup accelerator in collaboration with Wayra.

Recently, Wayra has launched a series of initiatives that enrich its commitment to innovation and technological entrepreneurship. Wayra X is a virtual hub for investment in 100% digital startups. Wayra Builder aims to found, in collaboration with other investors, innovative startups arising from Telefónica’s internal technology projects.


Next Trend: meeting point for startups and users

Wayra Next Trend was born as part of Telefónica’s effort to help startups stand out in a very competitive environment. “Our goal is to help startups grow and evolve their product with user feedback, and to offer them a meeting point with potential consumers,” says Mariló Vallecillo, head of Wayra Next Trend.

Users who come to Next Trend will find a window to digital innovation, which will allow them to learn about the latest digital trends and try before anyone else new applications developed with the support of Wayra. Those who become part of the Next Trend community will be able to comment and share their experience with other users, participating in a leading ecosystem of digital innovation.

Thus, Wayra Next Trend offers a selection of applications in a simple and intuitive showcase with all the information of each product. But also articles that analyze digital trends and applications, dedicated to the most demanded topics, such as social networks, games, sports, productivity, lifestyle, wellness, languages, finance, entertainment and education. Also, interviews with some of the architects of these projects.

Feedback from a qualitative audience

For Wayra’s digital entrepreneurs, the feedback from Next Trend’s community of active and curious users is an unbeatable test bench. It allows them to grow and evolve with the opinion of an objective and qualitative audience, eager for new experiences that bring them value.

Next Trend also offers Wayra startups the possibility of publicizing their events or offering jobs through the platform. “The startups request all kinds of profiles, but they are mostly looking for technical profiles, as they are companies with a very strong technological component. For the startup, this section on the platform is a support in the search for candidates that will allow them to grow, and for consumers it offers the possibility of working in young and innovative companies where they have a lot to contribute,” says Vallecillo.

Wayra’s new initiative is an ongoing project, which continues to grow, and which complements other actions to support the dissemination of the applications developed with its support, such as the Living Apps service, the applications for Movistar + television, or the pre-installation in pilot phase of some of them in the phones distributed by the company.

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