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Daniel Tricarico seeks to link 100 sustainable startups with the world’s leading investors


This undertaking says to make you a millionaire no longer exists; we are in the era of triple impact, “said Daniel Tricarico. This entrepreneur had three technology-based companies, was one of the promoters of the Entrepreneurs’ Law in Buenos Aires and this year he was selected by Georgetown University for an international leadership program.

Based in Chile to regionalize his project, he seeks to unite triple impact entrepreneurs with funds interested in social or environmental issues through a platform.

Tricarico, founder of ImpactLatam and director of the Latin American Entrepreneurs Association. He explained the characteristics of his initiative, with which he seeks to accelerate 100 startups.

¿What are triple impact ventures?

Triple impact ventures are those that seek to solve environmental or social challenges through innovative solutions, while generating economic development.

Additionally, the vast majority Additionally, the vast majority are moved by a specific purpose to change a reality that challenges them. The most important thing is that these aforementioned dimensions of economic, social and environmental impact are integrated into the same model and not as separate dynamics.

It is essential to be able to measure the impact, a recommended way to start the “path of impact” is to start from the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and then use other forms such as the system B impact assessment, among others. In Argentina we have several examples:

Guayaki, a fair trade company that works together with producers of certified organic yerba mate and under shade of native species of the Atlantic Forest in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The objective is the conservation and development of communities through the commercialization of their products in the United States and Canada.Pachama, a technological venture that, through artificial intelligence, offsets the carbon emissions of some organizations through projects of afforestation, markets that establish a bridge between producers and consumers, gives space, visibility to small producers, and local social projects.

What is the triple impact project like?

ImpactLatam is an acceleration platform for impact startups with a focus on Latin America. We work with technology-based ventures, with a scalable model that are seeking to solve a social or environmental issue. The founders must have a purpose and must be incorporating impact measurement or want to incorporate it.



It is an accelerator and an open platform for the interaction of these impact communities throughout the region. We work first by parameterizing and then adjusting the value proposition, the business model, its definition and impact measurement, to later help them scale in the region.

Our purpose is to unleash the potential of Latin America through innovation and entrepreneurship with impact. Finally, we want to help transition more businesses to the new economy of economic, social and environmental impact.

With this startup we seek to resolve the survival effect (less than 20% of the startups survive the 5 years of the “valley of death”), only 14% of the ventures raise funds and scale in Latin America and finally there is a divorce between the model of thought from the business world and the social or environmental impact sector, which we seek to unite through ImpactLatam.

Evolution of this project

add 1000 startups within the open platform and 10 impact investors within this same platform. Currently, we are already selecting the first layer of the acceleration and we are open to receive applications, after an initial validation together with more than 15 enterprises in the region.
Later in the second semester we will launch the open technological platform: what we seek is to integrate a community of entrepreneurs from Argentina and strengthen it with the communities of the region.

Investment funds for this project

Currently our value proposition is based on acceleration programs and subscription plans that are paid and through which a customized work process is accessed with each startup to accelerate their sales, growth, connections and investment search.
We already have a first contribution of seed capital from our own sources and close networks and we are currently beginning the search for capital from angels and investment funds to accompany growth.

Who can apply to this project?

Technology-based ventures (from an app to artificial intelligence) with verifiable sales (no idea phase or MVP), which are seeking to solve a social or environmental issue.
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