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The startup that analyzes the Stock Market with a prediction model of the Covid waves


The startup StockFink has developed a predictive model of financial market trends based on artificial intelligence that its director, Juan Luis Fernández, has applied when collaborating with UNICEF Venezuela, the Principality of Asturias, Cantabria or Castilla y León, among others. , to analyze the evolution of the pandemic. “Financial markets are more complex, because there may be interests involved or unforeseen, the so-called black swans. Even so, the result of developing an algorithm in the Stock Market that draws on past market behavior allows us to get 65% of the estimates right “, explains this professor of Mathematics from the University of Oviedo, who also teaches a Master in Modeling and Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Research at the University of the Basque Country.

This startup offers the client by email a daily report at the close with an analysis of the three main national financial markets: the Ibex35, IbexC and IbexS. In this document it reflects the investment opportunities that its mathematical model finds among listed companies. And it categorizes it into five prediction zones: Strong buy, buy, hold, sell and strong sell. “We set up a kind of thermometer that quantifies the uncertainty of the value of a share for that day and the next five in a simple way. Beyond five days seen, the uncertainty increases and it is more complex, “says Fernández about a work that he carries out together with a team of 14 experts in artificial intelligence and technologists.


Expansion to other markets
Keep in mind that the customer is always the one who has the last word. “We give people as much information as possible, but they are the ones who finally have to assess whether they want to invest or not. It is simply an aid in making decisions. We do not provide a service like brokers or traders, nor are we an investment fund. We want to be a kind of ‘Google’ of the Stock Market “, clarifies the director of StockFink. For example, the prediction for one day has a price of around three euros, while the monthly subscription is close to 20 euros. And by the end of the year they hope to be able to launch a mobile application for their subscribers. His idea is to expand his analysis to 14 other European, American and Asian markets. Shortly, they will add to their reports the predictions of one hundred companies that make up the Nasdaq, the second largest automated electronic stock exchange in the United States.

The startup is designed, above all, for those who want to start in the world of financial markets and want to obtain short-term returns, in periods of approximately one week. “We recommend that you never go against the market, but go long. In the end, it must be taken into account that we are talking about a speculative scenario and that there is always some risk in spite of the predictions », warns the mathematician. In this sense, StockFink organizes online training courses for those first timers who want to learn the keys to take into account when investing in the stock market.

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