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The startup known as ‘the Netflix of short films’


was the question that led Alessandro Loprieno to create WeShort, an exclusive On Demand platform for short films, driven by his passion for cinema and which now relies on technology to give voice to talent in the seventh art.

“He was addicted to movies, he went alone. I liked to write reviews and scripts, but I began to realize and wonder why people did not see short films, they saw films, but not short films, “says Loprieno in a conversation with Forbes Mexico.

The entrepreneur comments that on many occasions the main answer was the price, “the same was charged” for a short film, as for a feature film. With the passage of time, the lack of spaces for this type of content was one of the main barriers to its exhibition.

In short, short films become a niche product, consumed by a small or specialized sector.

However, Loprieno assures that the internet and social networks have given short films a new life.

“Every day we consume a type of short film without realizing it. In the last 15 years, the internet and digital platforms have brutally reduced people’s attention span, ”he says.

Thus, firms such as Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram that have opted for video formats or stories with durations from 15 seconds to three minutes have contributed to modern users leaning towards more content, but of shorter duration.


WeShort offers an extensive catalog, among which its first original content stands out, starring Michael Madsen, the fetish actor of Quentin Tarantino or “Skin”, winner of the Oscar, and “Devil’s Harmony”, awarded with the Sundance.

Loprieno assures that only the short films of the Oscars, many of which he seeks to be part of the platform, are “40 years of content that people have not seen.”

“We have high ambitions, even though we are just a newborn startup,” said Alessandro Loprieno, founder and CEO of WeShort.

The WeShort team is made up of prominent individuals in technological innovation, business development, and film criticism who are constantly selecting materials for their subscribers.

The founder and CEO of the company also confirmed that they are working with well-known creators or new talents to try to bring the content to the platform.

And although it is still early, they even think about the possibility of putting together original content for WeShorts.

“We are working in two ways, we have the department that looks for the short films and negotiates with them to be able to have them on the platform. But we also open the doors for any director or creator to send us their ideas, so that the Committee can review them and consider them as an option within WeShorts ”, points out Loprieno and adds:” We want to have more than 1,000 short films on the platform before let the year end ”,

WeShort has completed its first investment round with a group of investors among OurVision, Grownnectia, Lux Ventures, MGH7.

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