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Startups accelerate to boost electric and sustainable mobility


The mobility of people is changing both in their personal life and when going to work and even traveling. In recent years, scooters, electric bikes, shared cars … are some of the new business models that have begun to be introduced in the market, taking advantage of electric mobility and the need to be more sustainable.

It is a market niche in which startups are breaking through not only with new business models, but also with innovative products that solve some barriers to electric mobility or introduce more changes in travel with which it can stop being It is common to take a bus to go to work in an industrial estate or it is normal for a person to have a subscription to an electric bike. These are just some of the initiatives unveiled in the third edition of the ‘Innovation Day’, organized by the Ibercaja Foundation, through Mobility City, and Iberdrola, and which are already here because, although they seem like the future, the truth is that many are already working.

Cargatucoche has developed a recharging service provider platform, which allows you to install the recharging point at home. “They have a brutal potential because they do not require modification of the electrical infrastructure. As they spend a lot of time without use, we have launched the concept of collaborative recharging. Users can share these points with others and earn money with it, also overcoming the barrier of who he buys an electric car and does not own a garage, “says Enrique Alía, CEO of this startup. In addition, “we offer a future in the sector for installers and electricians who want to dedicate themselves to a new trade and we help companies to continue selling their products thanks to the support of a technology that solves the most complicated part of the sector. We have created a Innovative process, a community of autonomous installers, who carry our app on their mobile phone “, says Enrique Alía. The startup plans to have more than 1,500 domestic charging points by the end of 2021, creating the largest network in Spain and generating more than 500,000 euros in revenue for autonomous installers.

The Watson business model is also focused on charging, which is developing an electric vehicle charger “that can be moved because it is in a commercial van, which allows charging cars of up to 200 kW”, explains Adrián Heredia Iglesias, founder & CEO. This system, which is supported by software and is expected to be ready by the end of 2021, is designed for companies that manage fleets in order to optimize them.


The parking and charging station for micromobility vehicles such as bikes and electric scooters is Solum’s proposal. “It is a state-of-the-art charging station, which generates its own energy with its solar pavement”, which allows the vehicles to be charged, says its CEO, Luis Muñoz. The station, which has lithium batteries to store energy, is 100% sustainable and portable because its pavement – resistant like concrete – is placed on the pavement of the city.

Velca focuses on the displacement with its electric motorcycles, which are number 1 in sales and which have the peculiarity that their batteries are charged like those of a smartphone and in any domestic outlet. “They do not need infrastructure”, clarifies its CEO Emilio Forján. This startup is based on a differentiated model and product with which they have achieved several milestones such as achieving that 40% of their sales are online and that the percentage of women who buy this type of vehicle exceeds 50% in some models. A ratio that is above the 10% average in Spain. In addition, this startup – it has the support of Enisa and Anesdor and partners such as Michelin or Samsung – has been the first to sell vehicles with bitcoins.

And for those who prefer electric bicycles, the solution is Wifly, a digital platform for subscriptions to these bikes. This startup, which creates micromobility solutions, offers people “a complete pack in which we provide all services such as a replacement bike, anti-theft insurance -thefts are one of the factors that set back this sector- and monthly purchase option. a month that the person can run whenever they want, “says its CEO, Jaime Sacristán. At the moment, there are already 115 active subscribers and the goal is to reach 900 this year.

Sustainable mobility also reaches tourism with Myrentgo. This startup offers the first sustainable urban mobility service linked to the tourism sector with which, through a personalized app for each hotel, tourists can hire the means of mobility they need (bike, motorcycle, cars … ), pay and pick up at the same hotel without wasting time on paperwork or going to pick up or drop off the vehicle for which there are nearby stations. It is an especially useful solution for foreign tourists who do not have a travel package.

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