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A Cordoba logistics solutions startup seduced the world’s leading accelerator


Three entrepreneurs from Córdoba created a technological platform that allows outsourcing all the logistics of storage and distribution of companies that operate with e-commerce.

Agustín Novillo Saravia, Emiliano Segura and Juan Altamirano devised Clicoh, a solution that allows deliveries within 24 hours of purchase in the main cities of the country. The innovation reached the screens of the accelerator YCombinator, the most important accelerator in the world (the one that gave impulse to startups such as Airbnb, Flexport, Rappi and Coinbase, among others) that selects computer start-ups for their integral development with a view to achieving the first big financing needed to scale the business.

Agustín Novillo Saravia, Emiliano Segura and Juan Altamirano
Clicoh was born with the partners’ own funds in 2018 (US $ 15,000), and has now managed to integrate into a community of startups with high growth potential monitored by investors from all over the world. “So far, only 7 Argentine startups have managed to enter YCombinator due to the organization’s demanding selection conditions; Clicoh is the first in the interior of the country ”, the company highlighted in a statement.

Clicoh employs 30 people and went through two models that failed and almost led the business to bankruptcy, first under the delivery APP format and then as a last-mile service, which never got off the ground.

End to end
“The third business model adopted was the definitive one and the one that captured the interest of Y Combinator: an end-to-end solution to facilitate the entire logistics process for e-commerce companies solving: storage, packaging, transportation and availability of more than 800 Withdrawal points or the option to deliver at home in less than 24 hours for Buenos Aires (where currently 60% of the total e-commerce happens), Córdoba and Rosario and in less than 72 hours in the rest of the country with up to 40% savings compared to the traditional distribution system ”, they explained.


Currently, the company provides services for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and in 2020 it had a turnover of $ 600,000. The company registers an average monthly growth of 27% in line with the very high demand for logistics services in a context of great growth in electronic commerce.

“With the support of Y Combinator, Clicoh’s objectives for this year are to expand and deepen its presence in the region, targeting Mexico and Colombia. Among the outstanding client companies are giants such as: AB Inbev, Rappi, UberEats and hundreds of online stores of different sizes from Shopify, Tienda Nube and Woo Commerce ”, they commented.

“We had to rethink our business model twice to survive. Being a Delivery APP or a last mile service two years ago was not a bad idea but we arrived late to the market and we found ourselves with strong competition that made it difficult for us to grow and get funds. But we gained a lot of experience and, without looking for it, many e-commerce companies came to us asking us to make alliances with them to distribute their products faster. Their distribution system was down and the experience was bad. This allowed us to detect a great need that we decided to solve with technology that allows companies to monitor their orders in real time, deliveries in less time and a notable reduction in costs ”, explained Agustín Novillo Saravia, CEO of Clicoh.

Clicoh’s technology solves everything that happens behind the scenes when a user confirms an online purchase and starts waiting for the product to be delivered. From that moment on, a complex logistics process is unleashed to align several services that must be related to each other to fulfill the commitment to deliver on time: order packaging and labeling, search for warehouses strategically located close to demand, transportation and final delivery at pick-up points or at the customer’s home.

Currently, the logistics process in many cases is still manual and is divided between thousands of suppliers that must be coordinated by hand. There are several management models in dance. There are companies that manage their own warehouse and delegate their shipments to a transportation system or to the state or private mail for shipping, where the times mark between 7 and 12 days for a delivery. Others have their own team of people who contract with thousands of suppliers and reserve the complete logistics management themselves. “Faced with this challenge, Clicoh’s growth potential is enormous,” they concluded.

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