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Syndeno, the ‘startup’ that makes the technology used by Netflix available to SMEs


The increasingly hyperconnected world. In addition, the pace of information generation grows day by day due to the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, the IoT and Artificial Intelligence. This trend for several years has been called
big data and companies understand that they must adapt to these technologies to provide new functionality to their customers and differentiate themselves from their competition.

However, behind all these innovations, technologies, new products and services,
you have to deal with a complex web of data that travels and interrelates with each other so that everything works quickly and efficiently. It is in this context where Emiliano Spinella and Alberto Iglesias, two young entrepreneurs living in Valencia, decided to launch the online company Syndeno, which wants to simplify these connections so that any small or medium-sized company can grow their business without data connections. be an obstacle.

The idea for the startup, born in the Demium Valencia incubator, came about after speaking with hundreds of small and medium-sized companies from different sectors, which constantly transmitted the same problems to them. “We want to grow our business, but communicating our systems with new clients, suppliers, devices and services is expensive, difficult and technically unattainable for us.”

Once the problem was identified, from Syndeno they began to look for alternatives and that is when
They discovered that the best technical solution is the one proposed by the open-source Apache Kafka project, with its event-driven architecture and whose technology is used by platforms such as Netflix. As they point out, the revolutionary thing about this technology is that it allows you to send information, instead of one-on-one,
one-to-many. “Until now, the transmission of information has been carried out one-to-one in the same way that we used to write and send a letter by post. However, thanks to the event-oriented architecture, computer systems can now transmit the information one-to-many, in the same way that today we can send the same email to multiple recipients. In addition, what is truly revolutionary is that it allows real-time operations while the information is traveling.
applications that this mechanism allows are unlimited and will be essential for the future
marked by the IoT and AI, “says Emiliano Spinella, CTO and Apache Kafka expert.


Who is it for and how to give the
first step
Other startups in the US, which already have a valuation of 4.5 trillion dollars, are offering similar services, however, they focus their efforts only on large companies. From Syndeno they want to serve small and medium-sized companies that cannot access this type of technology, either because of the price, or because of ignorance of how to do it.

“Our mission is to make accessible to the greater
number of users the most innovative technologies for the communication of information. We do not believe that a small or medium-sized company has to pay hundreds of thousands of euros to be able to compete, “says the CEO of the company.

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Right now, Syndeno has several early adopters and their short-term goal is to get the funding they need to take their product to the next level and scale the business. End the year with new additions and products. Before the end of 2021, they want to offer a better experience to their customers, provide new functionalities, the best product offer for the adoption of this technology and add various tools from the Apache Kafka ecosystem to their self-management panel.

Source:Syndeno, the ‘startup’ that makes the technology used by Netflix available to SMEs

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